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Dedicated Work-Life Balance

Discover your daily approach to health and wellness through FIELDHOUSE. With an emphasis on personalized wellness, this on-site amenity and service ensures that members can fit in a workout session at any time of the day and prioritize their overall health.

A Fitness Club to Fuel Your Life

Fieldhouse Gym
boxing with two people
Yoga studio
Vitural Golf Game
  • Traditional training equipment including free weights, treadmills and rowing machines
  • Small group fitness classes and personal training
  • CrossFit circuit training equipment, Peloton bikes, boxing, yoga and meditation studios
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Aerobic and circuit training
  • Health and wellness seminars
  • Gaming facilities with pool tables, shuffleboard, golf simulators, darts, and lounge areas with flat screen TVs
  • InBody composition analysis
  • Team-building events for fitness and wellness
  • Work-life balance with an on-staff registered dietician

Members have access to FIELDHOUSE, a campus-wide fitness and wellness concept with state-of-the-art facilities for exercise and gaming.

Certified personal trainers design custom fitness programs and advise on dietary optimization.

Monday through Friday 6 am – 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday 6 am – 6 pm

Personalized Nutrition Guidance

When it comes to nutrition, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each person has unique dietary needs based on factors such as age, activity level, and medical history. Our nutrition coaching provides personalized guidance tailored to your specific requirements. Our Registered Dietitian can assess your current diet, identify areas for improvement, and create a customized plan that aligns with your goals and preferences.

Nutrition Session

Goal-Oriented Approaches for Lasting Results

Setting achievable goals is crucial for successful nutrition coaching. Whether you aim to lose weight, improve athletic performance, or manage a specific health condition, our nutrition coaches will help you define realistic targets and develop a plan to reach them. With regular check-ins and ongoing support, you will stay motivated and accountable, increasing your chances of long-term success.

Inbody Body Composition Scale

Education and Empowerment

Nutrition coaching goes beyond meal plans and calorie counting. It’s about empowering you with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about your diet. Our nutrition coaches can educate you on various aspects of nutrition, including macronutrients, portion control, and mindful eating. By understanding the impact of different foods on your body, you’ll be equipped to make healthier choices independently.

Nutrition Session

Overcoming Obstacles and Building Healthy Habits

Changing your eating habits can be challenging, especially when faced with temptations or old routines. Our nutrition coaches can provide guidance on overcoming these obstacles and help you develop sustainable healthy habits. By offering practical strategies, such as meal prepping, grocery shopping tips, and strategies for dining out and here at The Park, to ensure that your newfound knowledge translates into real-life changes.

ParkLife Meals

Holistic Approach to Well-being

Our coaches recognize that overall well-being extends beyond just food. A nutrition coach may address other lifestyle factors, including stress management, sleep, and physical activity, to help you achieve optimal health. By taking a holistic approach, you’ll not only improve your nutrition but also enhance your overall quality of life.

Registered Dietitian Nutrition Session