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Tara Tomaino

Nutrition Director

As the Nutrition Director at Round Table Studios, I’m driven to inspire and motivate wellness in everyone who craves it. The Connell Company has created a truly unique experience at The Park and Round Table Studios, and my goal is to empower others to make thoughtful food choices that will nourish them both while on campus as well as at home. To that end, I am available for individual nutrition coaching sessions and offer various nutrition programs, seminars, and activities throughout the campus.

Personal nutrition coaching provides the support and guidance that people need to make lasting lifestyle changes. Healthy eating looks different for everyone, and I’m eager to help members of RT Studios discover how to best nourish themselves to support their overall health and wellness. Group programs are available for those who prefer the camaraderie of others who share a common goal. All participants have the option to integrate fitness into their nutrition program and reap the benefits of the holistic approach to wellness taken at Round Table Studios, including access to state-of-the-art metric tracking at FIELDHOUSE, and professional guidance and support from our Fitness Director. I also work closely with our culinary team to develop better-for-you options that are offered at RT Farm and other eateries on campus. Extending beyond The Park’s campus, ParkLife Meals curated grab-and-go items allow individuals to make easy, nutritious choices, alleviating the stress of shopping, prepping, or choosing a less healthy option.

Nutrition is just one piece of the wellness puzzle, yet what we choose to eat has a profound impact on how we feel both physically and mentally. I pride myself on being a  familiar and approachable face at Round Table Studios, solidifying trust as a valuable source of nutritional knowledge and making it easier (and more fun) for individuals to make nourishing food choices that support their overall wellness.